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Torelo - To Wear Your Content

Разработчик Shashank Sharma

Wear your content on Android Wear device using Torelo. Torelo simplifies the process of sharing and carrying texts or images on your Android Wear device. It gives you option to keep multiple texts and images in your Android Wear device for quick access. You can also share text back to Android phone for editing or copying to clipboard for further use. And with timer and snooze option get your content available when required.★ Requires a Android Wear device to function correctly!
"Featured in Top 10 Android Wear Apps and Faces – March 2016 Edition on Android Headlines"
★ Features:• Share any text, image with customizable title and timer to get it when you need it via Torelo app.• You can also share text or image directly from any app using in built share button and choosing "Torelo (To Wear)".• Choose "Torelo" from built in share dialog to first customize content, add title or set timer.• Shared content will appear as notification on your Android Wear.• Keyboard always visible on app start for reducing clicks. Just type and share it.• Option of "Snooze +15mins" in notification to snooze your notification for 15 minutes.• Option of "Copy to phone" in notification to retrieve back the shared text from Android Wear.• Option of "Edit on phone" in notification to edit the text on phone and then share it back to Android Wear.• Dismiss notification directly on your Android Wear device by using the Dismiss button rather than swiping it away.• Easy access to history and share again old data.• Free and without any ads.
★ Use cases:• Add Shopping-list to your wear• Hard to recall names, put it in wear before meeting• Going for movie, drop ticket QR code image to wear• Copy multiple things in one shot to wear and copy them back to phone one by one• Set reminder to carry passport etc• And many more....
★Why naming Torelo Torelo?Relo is a Filipino word for wristwatch. And "ToWear" did not come out well as it got lost in the mix. Hence Torelo. :)
Feedbacks are welcome. Send over any bugs to and I'll try and fix them!